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Beijing SME Online Co., Ltd.

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About Beijing SME Online Co., Ltd.

Beijing SME Online Co. Ltd. was founded in January 2004, it undertakes the responsibilities of construction and maintenance of China SME Information Portal, and provides excellent service for SMEs with using the advantage resources of network. 

Under the support, coordination and supervision of SME Department of Ministry of Industry & Information Technology and national management departments of SMEs, the aim of Beijing SME Online Co. Ltd is to take China SME Information Portal as the work platform of SME service systems, regard the demand of SMEs as orientation, use advanced network technology means to carry out the guidance and services to the development and reform of national SMEs and non-public economies, drive informatization process of SMEs, enhance the market competitiveness of SMEs, accelerate the economic restructuring, increase employment, and promote coordinated economic and social development.

About shareholder units of Beijing SME Online Co. Ltd.

Machinery Industry Information Center is a public institution under the direct management of China Machinery Industry Federation, and it is the authority information institution to service for machinery industry. Machinery Industry Information Center has long been engaged in the information service of machinery industry, and the information covers the 11 sub-industry of machinery, such as market, statistics, forecasts, prices, products, materials, items, trade, management, quality, standards, technique and etc., a total of 13 classification, and it has a wealth of information resources.

Beijing Zhongke Fulong Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is a software enterprise of system transform from the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It takes 9 Dr. as technological support, and develops independently professional CAD and Internet applications. The CAD software developed by the company has been used in the design of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, and it gets high name recognition in the market. The company developed once China's technological innovation information network system and reporting & approval management system of the state technological innovation projects for the former State Economic and Trade Committee, so it has a great deal of experience in the project. The company has more than 20 software products with independent intellectual property rights, and it is the technical support unit of China SME Information Portal.

The main business of Wanzhong Bozhi Technology Development Co., Ltd. is technology development, transfer, technical services of network, and sale of computers & auxiliary equipment. It has ever organized a large number of cultural exchange and exhibition activities, so it can provide effective help and support to implement informatization to SMEs.

Guizhou Liyang Sifang Technology Co., Ltd. is the operation department of Guizhou sub-network of China SME Information Portal, and it is a high-tech enterprise jointly funded by Liyang Aero-Engine Company, Technological Innovation Center of Guizhou Provincial Economic and Trade Committee, and nature person. The company has a good social background, strong economic strength and excellent management, technical personnel, since the beginning of its foundation, it has firmly grasped the opportunity brought by the development of informatization encouraged by our country, made full use of policies of high-tech zones and software enterprises, aggregation function on the environment, the integration of production, teaching & research and the advantages of mechanisms, and the advantages of relative concentration and strong financing ability of the whole provincial listed companies in high-tech zones to service for the province's informatization and innovation work.

Beijing Machinery Economy Website Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the operation institution of the China Machinery Economy Website subordinated to China Machinery Industry Federation. China Machinery Economy Website is the only representative of the machinery industry information in Online Project put forwarded by Chinese government. It provides all-directional information service and industrial informatization promotion work for the whole machinery industry. China Machinery Economy Website is becoming the portal website of machinery industry by relying on its advantages of authority and a wealth of information and service function of convenience and perfect. It has more than 10 statistical database including big industry and enterprises in the system can inquiry on-line.

Under the direct guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China Non-Governmental Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Association was founded in 1987, and it is the group member of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. As the interaction platform between national private scientific and technological enterprises and various level of society, the association is a window of reflecting private scientific and technological companies, and it possesses wide representativeness and influence power. The training center of the association can provide high-level, multi-level theoretical guidance and management training for members. In addition to, the association has established an extensive cooperative relationship with the domestic and international finance, investment, legal, management consulting, and other agencies, so it can provide the chance of seizing business opportunities for the members in time.

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