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A brief introduction of China SME Online

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The China SME Information Portal (, which launched in August 2001, is a non-profitable governmental web sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) with the objective of serving SMEs. At first, it was sponsored by the National Economy & Trade Development Commission, and then in 2003, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) took charge in it and intermediary agencies were commissioned to operate it under the leadership of the SME Bureau of the NDRC with the national structure reforms. And in 2008, with the national structure adjustment, the SME Bureau of the NDRC was affiliated with the MIIT. Meanwhile, the sponsor of the China SME Information Portal was also changed into the MIIT and the SME department of MIIT directed the concrete business. 

The China SME Information Portal uses advanced technology to collect and release the related information to direct the SME management departments at all-levels and intermediary organizations to provide services for SMEs and deploy relative works, and it aims to promote and support the healthy development of SMEs and non-state-owned economy. It is not only the foundational work platform of the national SME service system but the e-commerce service platform for the domestic and international SMEs. As the service platform for SME online trade and commercial community, it provides online business service among domestic SMEs and between the domestic SMEs and international SMEs with the objective of becoming the business web for global SMEs to exchange and trade. 

Through the online trade and service platform of commercial community, the China SME Information Portal provides commercial information release, online trade, commercial expansion and other services for China SMEs. And by these, it has been the service platform with highest attention and biggest access amount of domestic SMEs. The access amount tops 1 million times per day with national 2 million registered enterprise members. With the biggest daily access amount in domestic enterprises, the content and service of the web have been the focus of China SMEs. And over 80 percent of the visitors engage into business activities, having high market participation rate. The content of the web has an impact on direction and practicability. 

At Present, the China SME Information Portal possesses over twenty big-scale channels and over 500 columns with plenty of self-published commercial information. Meanwhile, it undertakes the growth-type SME survey, SME exhibitions, information-based training of millions of SMEs and other activities sponsored by relevant state ministries and commissions. Currently, the China SME Portal has 30 provincial-level branch websites, 16 main-city websites and a great number of county-or city-level websites. With the head website as the leading role, the province-or city-level websites as a foundation, county-or city-level websites as a sustentation, our websites have spreading all over the mainland of China. We will build it into SME service web with goal congruence, brand congruence, smooth communication between head website and branch websites, in a crisscross fashion.

We provide the following characteristic services: 

1. To serve the SMEs with heart and soul 

«To release the laws, regulations, policies related to domestic and foreign SMEs development

Development trend of national economy and society

Development trend of NDRC

Development trend of national industry policy and industry

Supply and demand information at domestic and foreign market and commend the excellent products of SMEs

Excellent technological fruits, patent information and supply-demand information of enterprise technology

The information on SME financing and credit guarantee institutions 

Recruitment information of SMEs and talent job-hunting information

Venturing information, and online venturing guidance

Information on SME service institutions 

The domestic and international development trend of industry cluster and characteristic economy geography information

Information on technology and trade transaction among APEC SME alliance members

«To provide the online right-guarded consultation and service for SMEs 

«To provide management consultation and consulting service of quality certification 

«To provide the online remarks, commendation and solution evaluation of SMEs informationization

2. To serve government heartily and responsibly 

«Governmental information communication and release from SME management departments at all-levels 

«Data statistics, analysis and boom index analysis of SME development  

«The online application and management of special fund project on SME development

«The construction of SME venture base project, venturing training and business direction

«The operation analysis, venture prevention and supervision of SME credit guarantee institutions 

The commendation and supervision of SME training base

3. To serve society heartily 

«To provide free downloads of e-mail system, search engine, enterprise information search, online research, video meeting, self-help network construction system

«To provide the online trainings for SMEs and service institutions, establish and develop digital library suitable for SMEs and service institutions

«To support credit collection, appraisal and release of SMEs and service institutions

«To evaluate the excellent SMEs and select, appraise and direct growth-type SMEs and information release  

«To provide foundational service of e-commerce

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